flexible connector, hermetic housing for motorcycles

Hermetic terminal housing - specially protected the housing guarantees resistance to harsh working conditions
5 meter dedicated cable - self-extinguishing in accordance with IEC 60332-1-2 and also oil resistant according to EN 60811-404
Possibility to operate the device up to 6 months without power supply at using a dedicated mode of operation.

Waking up the device every specified period of time generates a frame data with current GSM/GPS parameters and current information on the status of inputs.
Immediate wake-up of the device if detected unauthorized motion (3D sensor)
Immediate wake up if tampering is detected (disconnection of the unit from the mains). power supply equipment)

Motorcycle monitoring

- Are you afraid of losing your bikes?
- Do you want to sleep peacefully while your favorite machine is in the garage?
- Are you afraid to leave your bike out?

Motorcycle protection

Motorcyclists take many actions that counteract ...thefts. The most frequently chosen solution is GPS monitoring, which allows you to locate the motorcycle, towage detection or unplanned impact information.

price list of devices
Reconstructing routes, those "around the chimney" and others...
locating equipment
Notifications and alarms by e-mail, SMS and application.