Dedicated solutions

Solutions dedicated to companies

Depending on the option chosen by the customer, we are able to adjust the model and accessories of the system to its requirements and the specificity of work.


Monitoring of high-power generators
Monitoring of operation of self-propelled lifts and forklifts
Monitoring of controls on the dashboard of rented cars (OBD)


Temperature control in the hold
Control of opening and closing of hold doors
Checking the switching on and off of the chiller
Control of air humidity
Possibility of quick reaction and elimination of threats related to e.g. Non-observance of HACCP standards.


Indicating the location of e.g. shops, wholesalers, in whose vehicle should be at the time specified by the dispatcher.
Checking the visits to the scheduling points
Control of vehicle entrances and exits (door opening and closing)


GPS recorders enable constant monitoring of the operating mode tachograph. The current status of the tachograph is presented to the dispatcher in real time. It allows is to quickly verify the correct operation of the vehicle and detect malfunctions the tachograph or attempted manipulation of its records. Archived data shall be available in reports in the form of and on the charts. Selected models of GPS recorders can be connected to a smart card reader. The use of a card reader eliminates the need to return the vehicle to the Poland in order to compulsorily download tachograph data for further archiving. They may be remotely transferred from the tachograph card to the system in a format that allows their import into TachoScan type programs. Current and card records are in accordance with the regulations of the Inspectorate. Road Transport.


The keeper may keep detailed records of vehicles by collecting all the necessary information on the fleet in one system. Offered tools significantly make it easier to organise maintenance operations. Basic information about the following can be stored vehicles, such as technical data, approval numbers, etc. Photographs of vehicle, but the most important function of the vehicle register module is to automatically inform about the approaching date of technical inspections, the obligation to renew insurance, or the date of replacement of tyres. Notifications about the obligation to perform maintenance activities may be sent to by e-mail or SMS, after exceeding the set deadline or after the vehicle has exceeded it ...of an agreed course of action.